Hi. I’m Rich Smith. I’ve done more than a fair amount of freelance public relations and marketing communications writing throughout the years, so I know only too well the joys and perils of this particular work-style.

One of those perils is that the people who hire freelancers complain about us. A common refrain is: “I wish I could find a good freelancer.”

We’re crappy writers, they say.

We don’t self-edit or proof our work before turning it in.

A drunken brawl in a biker bar between three rival outlaw gangs is better organized than our press releases, blogs, web content, etc.

I STARTED THIS BLOG TO HELP my fellow freelancers – and, actually, anyone who makes a living hammering out words on a keyboard – become better writers and, in so doing, become more valuable commodities in a highly competitive field.

Read this blog to see how l analyze the marketing communications output of various companies. I won’t always know whether a freelancer is the author. I’ll only know whether the writing was good or was something that could have been better crafted.

If it was good, I’ll hold it up as a shining example worth emulating. If it could have been better, I’ll show you how to improve it.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I make no claim to having all the answers. What I do claim is having years of experience making mistakes. Some huge, most minor (thankfully).

But the one thing all my mistakes have in common is that they presented opportunities for me to learn how to be – yes, wait for it – “A Good Freelance Writer.”

I WANT YOU TO LEARN from my mistakes as well. If you do, you’ll be in demand. Because, then, you’ll be a rarity – a writer for hire who knows his or her way around the tip of a pencil the way all the other wanna-be wordsmiths know their way around that same pencil’s eraser.

What’s that? You didn’t understand the allusion? That was just my cutesy way of saying you’ll be awesome and they, not so much.

If you ever have any questions and I can be of service, please feel welcome to drop me a line at getrichquick365@gmail.com.

Also, please take a few minutes to stop by my website – richsmith.info – and check out some of my writing samples. I think you’ll like what you see.

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